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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

@ RVCE, my experiences,of course, other than studies.


To all my high school and college friends,whom I am missing more than I had thought.
When i was in 12th i had never thought that i would be getting an engineering seat in RVCE, so obviously when i got it, i was very happy.
In this blog, I am not telling you any achievements about RV or how studies are going in RV(which are quite obvious) but here i am going to highlight some funny things, strange rules & some lighter parts of RVCE , which are again ofcourse obvious to RVites but here i welcome all RVites , non-RVites , those who are BE students and thosr who aren't , to read this blog....go on its interesting.
Nature and RVCE:
I think we , in RV , are very close to nature when compared to some other colleges. There are many trees-around 1500 trees(not plants!!!!) including many coconut, some tamarind, neem, mango, papayya, jackfruit etc. On campus always you can find red monkeys(esp near hostels in evening), dogs , and many squirrels here and there.More than this, frequently many snakes are spotted here and there.Again more than this all, RV is situated on the banks of a small river i.e river Vrishabhavati(which is ofcourse now turned to nothing more than a gutter 'cos of industrial & domestic effluents flowing in it)
As i told about snakes in RVCE campus,it will be a big story if i tell u everything......i think RV has a full time contract with a snake charmar , whenever anybody spots a snakes he comes and catches it. Once a big snake, some seven feet long, climbed a tree just behind CS dept, at that time he(snake charmer) came and went on the terrace of CS dept and effortslessly snatched it and put it his basket, everybody standing there and watching clapped. Some times when he catches snakes he gives pose infront of us and we have taken many photos and vedios.

five minutes of fun during powercuts in night:
Some times there used to be some powercuts in evening. Initially many students used to take advantage of this to make fun. Some used to blame watchman, some others used to say slogan of rotoract club of RVCE i.e one with loud voice say "athala pathala dhoomthalaka" all others follow him telling "hoo haa hoo haa". Watchman helplessly shouting to stop us(but how can he alone stop us 200 odd students) but later our warden put a notice of punishing whoever does so.....after that we missed it a lot....

Strange rules in RVCE:
RV is too traditional.....
there are some strange rules in hostel....
1)we should go to mess in full pant....3/4ths and half pants not allowed(even though other than we first year hostelites, noone comes there ,usually)
2)we are not allowed to keep laptops(ofcourse its not so useful in first year)
3)we are not allowed to celebrate b'day,new year celebrations,.....if found strict action will be taken against them.
I think 'cos of strict rules not a senior dares to rag juniors......i am proud to tell RV is ragging free campus.

really we have quite many excellent teachers i thank all my teachers especially BSS-CAED teacher(who used to critise us by making jokes on us....an excellent teacher), RSK-also a CAED teacher(who used to inspire us by telling many things other than studies), YGR,"Electronics man of Asia" award winner(though he took only one class to us he made us think a while, can electronics be learned so effortlessly?) and last but not least HCS-chem lab teacher, about whom i am going to tell a bit more.
"He is a very strict(damm strict) . If any student caught in his hands by doing any mischeous works he is allmost gone, he told us to make a separate notebook for writing information given in lab, but many times we uesd to forget to bring that book, it happened so one day that he checked who all have got notebook,obviously many of us hadn't....for that he gave us a small punishment ie we should write "I don't repeat this mistake." 200 times!!!!
though he is a very strict, he is a favorite teacher of many students (including me) 'cos the depth in knowledge he has is very amazing, i have not seen such a chemistry lecture in my life...he made us learn many things.
Fests in RVCE :
every dept celebrates its fest once a year(usually).there will be exhibitions,singing comp,dance comp,debates,...many more events.....some times night scavengers.
other than that one speciality of RV is that, it celebrates a fest named "SUGGI" headed by "Kannada sangha of RVCE".This time they celebrated it very nicely.on that evening we had late C Aswath on our campus, who gave a wonderful musical party.

In my life i have been outside the house for the first time. There used to be fun filled activities & chitchatting all the time. One more funny thing is that, on weekends we all(our room-mates) used to wash our clotes at 11 night!!!(not a joke).
I have not told any great things about RVCE('cos others dont like it and they may tell i am boasting about my college, but by telling this i am not boasting) my dear friend i conclude here by thanking you for your patient reading...if u liked it dont forget to leave a comment....
But keep in touch with this site, my next post will be on "our adventourous picnic in vaccation to Alamatti" where we all friends crossed the river on rail track & there was only one foot wide strip to walk on,if you put your leg other that foot wide strip, you will fall into water,...more than this when we were in the middle of 1 km long bridge a train came....want to know more..?? wait till jan end.


Anonymous said...

hey why do u think if u tel abt ur col others dont like..its a fact that urs is a good col with good placements good students..after ur alamatti post u should tell us about how studies r going in rv.u should let us know yar.
your friend Praveen

Anonymous said...

hey man its totally truth whatever you told, as being a rvce student..........you are enjoing the situation that's good make it continue

Anonymous said...

hi muru i liked the way you write,as i dnt knw much abt ur clg (excp. name) i dnt tel much abt it. red monkeys infront of hostels at eve refers whom......ful pants in mess may seem u shud nt make dirty in mess.....
As iam a member of alamtti adventure i want to read its glory frm ur view. HOPE IT WILL BE GOOD.
...yours KRISHNA

Akshatha Shrinivas said...

hey! nice one! nice write up. it reflects dat yo enjoyed most of d moments in rvce! good!!! and hey u can pin point gud things abt our college! it'll be fine.. and more importantly u can highlight abt d screwed up rvce administration .. abt how we hav to wait in long q's to pay exam fees...run around frm office to office to get signatures n waste time! hehe..

hope u will hav a better sem dan d last!

Akshatha Shrinivas

waida, said...

its a touching one yaar really nice and i think more than that ,you have put ur experience by using right words ,nice

shammu said...

ya .... its really nice.... continue ... best of luck for ur next blog.... samarth.

Piyush said...

Very good blog dude !
This is my first year at Rv and I'm enjoying it to the fullest ( inspite of such regular tests & quizzes and strict discipline ) ;)

Philip said...

Thanks for sharing your blog, I am motivated now to make something new in my life, like what you had done.

Hoteis Em Joao Pessoa

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