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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our adventurous picnic to Alamatti

In the back water of the dam.(thanks Manju for a click)
Muttu (BMC, Bangalore)
Shrinivas (SJCE, Mysore)
Krishna (SDM, Dharwad)
Samarth (BVB, Hubli)
Prajwal (BLDE, Bijapur)
Manju (VBD, Bijapur)
who all were there on the bridge when the train came.

Hi friends, As i promised, i am back with "our adventurous picnic to Alamatti".

Anyhow i wrote my first blog out of enthusiasm. When i sat down to recollect many incidents that took place some six months ago, It was a bit struggle in my mind....will all those incidents be as interesting to others as to me. Then i came to a conclusion of narrating as it, as it happened...and i hope all my friends will definitely like it.

We all left Bijapur at around 7 early in the morning and we reached Alamatti by 9:30 by train. From railway station we had to go on auto to see the gardens and dam. On both sides of the dam there are gardens and we planned to go "Rock hill garden" first, which is on the same side of the dam as the railway station is.

Rock hill garden,Alamatti.

Boating in Rock hill garden.

Dam seen in front of rock hill garden

In rock hill garden we all played Dhapan Duppi, foot ball, boating and watched some artificially created animals. Its nice to spend one whole day in rock hill garden if we are in groups. We enjoyed there up to around 2 pm then we planned to go "Krishna garden" which is on the other side of the dam.

We went to Krishna garden, its very small compared to rock hill garden, so initially we felt it boring and we thought, it would have been nice if we had spent some more time in rock hill garden.....but we went on seeing the Krishna garden till the end of it, where was a notice board telling "Danger area do not go further", it attracted us and we jumped the fence to get into the restricted area to see what's the danger. We turned around to look, it was a big rock hill on the both sides of which there were deep valleys. On one side was the dam it looked more beautiful....in no other places can the dam be seen so beautifully than that restricted area (except perhaps from the middle of train bridge across river)....we all were busy in appreciating the marvels of civil engineering of the dam, in the mean time Prajwal found something more interesting by sneaking in the other side deep valley.....it was about 100 feet deep and a railway track ran through it. It was horrible to even look into it.....we were taking some photos and a watchman came and blamed us.

"don't go further"-from the restricted area of Krishna garden.
is there an easy way to get into this valley?

"Dam and power station"-from restricted area of Krishna garden.

"see train is going"-from the restricted area of Krishna garden.

we were still thinking of going in that valley at least to take some photos. Our lunch went in that discussion itself. Now comes the real adventure . We were in search of an easy way to get into that valley(where was a railway track) and infact we found it....we were very happy and we took some photos there (any time train might have come). We sat there beside track for some ten minutes. I said,"how if we follow this track?", then Shrinivas said,"we can reach Alamatti, but i am not sure which way to follow!" all pointed one way by their conscience and we began to walk along the track. We kept on walking hoping we were towards Alamatti but not the other way.

After some half an hour of walk along the track the river came so we have to walk on the bridge and a single mistake could take us into water!. Now the question is who is going to step first on the bridge?. But our Shrinivas went ahead with a bold step and we all followed him.

"Who steps first?".it looks so simple to walk, isn't it?

"Front view?"-from railway track.

By seeing the condition of the path on the railway bridge, we guessed it is not for the passer by....it had some "one feet wide strip" to walk in the midst of wind, and the worst is when there were no supports at some places to get hold while walking.

You might have heard of the "wolf and the shepherd story". The same we came across there. Since our walking from that valley to this bridge many a times one of us used to scream "train...train...". We all had made up our mind not become fool this time.....so even if someone screamed "train", we were not afraid (though we were on the bridge this time). Initially we were a bit afraid but as we went on we were more casual.

We all stood in the middle of the bridge and we were seeing "a nest and a bird" on the pillar of the bridge completely forgotten "we were on the bridge and the train may come any time"....then the train actually came....the signals lights turned red on both sides of the bridge.....everyone is seeing the bird......even though i was trying to scream "train", i wasn't able to, but some time later i screamed.....but no one believed me.....again after some time train made horn.....then we realized we should as soon as possible get into a nearest "Balcony" (the place to stand on the bridge when the train comes)....we all stood stunned....we were all some what in the middle of two balconies and the train was coming nearer and nearer....what to do?....shall we go to the next balcony or the previous one?....we didn't have much time to think and the train was coming towards us and it didn't seem to stop!....some standing behind in row thought, it was better to go to the next balcony, as it was a bit nearer and we standing front in the row were not able to put a step ahead and thought it was better to go the previous one, there was some what chaos, we were pushing one another...but train was still coming towards us.....and suddenly we split into two groups....I and Muttu stepped towards the next balcony(even though we didn't want to go the next one...but there was no other way....if all had gone to the same balcony it would've been still more confusion)....the train was coming towards us and we were going towards it....we were not able to walk as fast as our mind was commanding us....and with a sigh of relief we stepped into the balcony before train came upto that balcony....and we were standing and someone screamed sit down and hold the support and we did the same....the train was long, it took a while to pass by....every one jostled there standing in the balcony....we were almost near to the other end of the bridge. We walked a bit more and reached the other end which was almost the railway station which we wanted.

The happiness that we got after walking for some half an hour on the bridge was amazing....I am not that poetic to explain you the beauty of bridge, river, dam, the fear we had in our mind, the moment when the train was coming towards us, the happiness we got after reaching the other end of the bridge......its simply great....."amazing life time experience". (hope my parents don't read this, lest they blame me and dont send me picnic again.....hey just joking!).

My dear friend, Thanks for your patient reading. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please leave your comment below. err....my next blog will be (probably) "Examination is all together a different ball game!" , many a times we fail to perform well and get less marks even after working hard, and some times get very good marks even if we did not expect that much.....I will express my views about it, but.... i am not sure when i am going to write it. When i publish it, i promise, i will definitely tell you....Thanks.


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hey nice yaar , so u enjoyed a lot and u know ,u had picnic on my b'day

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hey ! even i hav bin to alamatti.. its an amazing place. n its rele nice that someone writes blogs on em.
good work!

small places, bigger beauty!

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